03 July 2013

Confession Time...

So, I have a little confession to make about this first draft I finally finished. Remember I posted on Facebook, that karaoke song of mine…The Reason…remember I told you I had a teeny tiny confession to make? Well here goes…

1.     Luke is a stubborn arse…really
2.     Because Luke is a stubborn arse, it’s hard for me to sit down and just finish his book. Because I’m a crazy person, I actually need these characters inside my head talking to me…he’s not.
3.     Two other people were jumping up and down and yelling at me though…I’d already started their story months ago and they were getting antsy for me to finish it…that’s what I did.
4.     Did I mention Luke’s a stubborn arse?
5.     Remember that other ending I posted yesterday? Where Ash says, “He’s stubborn remember?”  see, even she knows he’s a stubborn arse
6.     But she also said this, “Jared doesn’t live with us anymore because now he lives with Mia. She left Chicago when everything changed with them, when they finally sorted all their shit out, but that’s for them to tell you about.”

That is for them to tell you and guess what, they want to…So, after that long rambling confession, the take home message is this; 

Luke’s book is not next…

Jared & Mia’s is…

Sorry...I really do plan to finish Luke's book...their story just needs to be told first...


  1. Omg! I am super excited for Jared and Mia's story too! Can't wait for it :) do you have a release date in mind? Oh and will you be providing arcs to bloggers? I would love to be included in, thanks! :)

  2. I cannot wait for Jared and Mia's story. I really don't mind whose story comes first, I know it would still be a great one. I really love your writing style! =)) the moment I started reading your book, it only took me a few to finish it. I got really hooked. Amazing! :)) I hope the next one would be released soon. I hope you could tease us with a date in mind. hehe :D