08 April 2014

New book

So...now that I've finished the I Love You series, I've started working on my next book. Actually, I started writing this back in November 2013, as part of the "write a book in the month of November" thing that floats around the internet. The rule was you write every day for the month of November, with a goal of getting to 50,000 words. It wasn't for any other reason, except to write. I did it, mostly to help with writer's block. It helped distract me and I not only hit 50,000 words, I reached 60,000 instead. The book wasn't finished, but it was definitely two thirds of the way there, and I've been working on it ever since.

It's a stand alone and will not be related to my other books in any way. I'm hoping to have it out later this year. It's got a title, a blurb and will soon have a cover... Plot wise, it's very different to my other books and you'll see why when the blurb comes out.

In the meantime, I can tell you that the title is Losing Me / Finding You and you can add it to your Goodreads TBR list right here.

I'll be back with more info on this story soon...

07 March 2014


There's only one week left until I Love You, Always is released. 

As you know, Luke's book is the third in the I Love You series and because there are overlapping characters, events and timelines in all three books, I would highly recommend you read I Love You to Death and Stubborn Love first. 

And from now until release day, you can pick them up on Amazon for the bargain price of 99c each!

I also want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported these characters, and me. I appreciate it more than you know.

Thank you xx

14 February 2014

I Love You, Always

Ok, here he is....

A huge big thank you to Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations for making me another amazingly beautiful cover...I love it!

30 January 2014

I Love You, Always

Ok, so I know Luke's book has been a long time coming....trust me, it feels like a really long time that I've been writing him...and actually, it's been 2 years.

Anyway, the good news is, he is finally finished! 

And I'm so relieved about this, that I thought I'd share this with you...not a teaser because I've done so many of those already. This is a deleted scene.

I have loads of them because I wrote so much of I Love You to Death from Luke's POV back when I was writing it from Ash's POV. But I Love You, Always is not a re-telling of I Love You to Death, it's a different story, so a lot of it didn't make the cut. 

And now that I Love You, Always is done, there's also a lot of other scenes that got cut in the editing process because they didn't quite fit, or re-written because they weren't quite right.

Anyway, here is one of those scenes...hope you enjoy.

Asha is still asleep as I slide into bed, but she stirs when I pull her body against mine. “You okay?” she asks, her voice heavy with sleep.
I take a deep breath. “Can’t sleep,” I whisper, knowing this is only going to mean she won’t be able to either.
“Want to talk?” she murmurs, rolling over in my arms so she’s facing me. “You been drinking?” she asks as I press a kiss to her lips.
“Yeah, just had a couple with Pete,” I whisper, my hand smoothing over her hair and running down her back to her waist.
“Did it help?” she asks, and I know that’s the only thing she cares about here.
I shrug. “I don’t know, maybe,” I admit. “He tells me I should talk to you.”
I watch as Ash pulls back a little, her eyes open and watching me now. I can tell she’s still sleepy, but she’s focused on this, on getting me to talk. “Pete’s a smart guy,” she says, an eyebrow raised.
I laugh now, leaning in to kiss her. “I know, he really is.”

05 September 2013

It's out!!!

Well it's out! You can now pick up Stubborn Love from Amazon, Amazon UK and Smashwords

It should be at B&N and iBooks soon, with the paperback to follow shortly.

Big thanks to all the blogs who helped promote Stubborn Love before it was released!

Happy reading xx

25 July 2013

Stubborn Love

Ok...the next book. Here is my beautiful new cover designed by Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations. I love this so much!!

Stubborn Love is a companion novel to I Love You to Death. It is Mia & Jared's story but features overlapping characters, events and timelines. 
My plan is to release it September 2013.

03 July 2013

Confession Time...

So, I have a little confession to make about this first draft I finally finished. Remember I posted on Facebook, that karaoke song of mine…The Reason…remember I told you I had a teeny tiny confession to make? Well here goes…

1.     Luke is a stubborn arse…really
2.     Because Luke is a stubborn arse, it’s hard for me to sit down and just finish his book. Because I’m a crazy person, I actually need these characters inside my head talking to me…he’s not.
3.     Two other people were jumping up and down and yelling at me though…I’d already started their story months ago and they were getting antsy for me to finish it…that’s what I did.
4.     Did I mention Luke’s a stubborn arse?
5.     Remember that other ending I posted yesterday? Where Ash says, “He’s stubborn remember?”  see, even she knows he’s a stubborn arse
6.     But she also said this, “Jared doesn’t live with us anymore because now he lives with Mia. She left Chicago when everything changed with them, when they finally sorted all their shit out, but that’s for them to tell you about.”

That is for them to tell you and guess what, they want to…So, after that long rambling confession, the take home message is this; 

Luke’s book is not next…

Jared & Mia’s is…

Sorry...I really do plan to finish Luke's book...their story just needs to be told first...

15 February 2013

Title of Luke's Book...

There is a new teaser on the Luke page for anyone who missed it on Natasha is a Book Junkie's blog...

And, I have now got a title for Luke's book....still no cover, release date or blurb, but one step closer right...

And that title is...

I Love You, Always

Also, for anyone who missed the post on Totally Booked with Luke's plans for Ash on Valentine's Day, here they are:

The lovely gals over at Totally Booked have asked me to spill the beans on my Valentine’s Day plans this year. Of course, I want to give a big shout out to every single one of you, and wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you all spend it with the one you love, it’s what I plan to do.

So what am I doing for Ash? Well, I’m taking her away, just the two us. We’re going up to Maine. She doesn’t know it yet, but Jared’s folks have a cabin up there, practically in the middle of nowhere. I’m taking a heap of nice food, plenty of drinks and we’re going to this amazing house, with an open fire and a huge bed. And I’m keeping her there for 3 days straight. We aren’t leaving and we aren’t seeing anyone. Honestly, I actually don’t plan on getting out of bed, except to cook for her. And even that is going to be fun. I’m taking ingredients for tiramisu and I’m gonna make it for her. Actually what I’m really going to do is get her to make tiramisu with me. Ash can’t really cook, but fuck do I love making tiramisu with her, ever since that first time I taught her. I know she knows how to make it by now, but we still act like she doesn’t, and each time we make it, I “teach” it to her all over again. And let me tell you, it’s getting hotter and more amazing every time I do. This time I’m suggesting we skip the bowls altogether. I can think of better places I’d like to eat it from. So yeah, that’s my Valentine’s Day plans…and I can’t wait.

20 December 2012

Luke and Extras updates

Ok...have posted a few updates on the blog, including a scene from Chapter 3 of I Love You to Death from Luke's POV. This is the interaction between Liam and Ash and how Luke feels about all of that. It also shows you how awesome his friends are and how much they mean to him.

I've also thrown in an alternate scene from Chapter 1 of I Love You to Death where Ash walks out to the kitchen and discovers Luke with a black eye. This happened in place of Luke cutting himself, but in the end I took it out, for several reasons.

And finally, the thing that will probably get me in the most trouble....I've posted the original ending to I Love You to Death....yes I know, don't hate me, it didn't happen this way remember! 

All of these updates are on the Luke and Extras pages....enjoy xx

13 December 2012


Ok....have created an entire page on here, just for Luke. Here you can find everything there is to know about him and his book....so far.

Yeah alright, it's not much at the moment, but there are 4 teasers on there...that's a start right?

I hope to have more soon....he is killing me at the moment, being a stubborn arse, so while I'm really hoping the book will be ready early-mid 2013, I'm gonna need to smack him hard to get that happening.

In the meantime....enjoy his page, smack him for me if you run into him...

Thanks x

26 November 2012

Luke's book

Ok....I think it's time I answered this question, I seem to get it a lot :)

Luke's book:
Is not just Asha's story told from his POV
It is different
It will move the timeline forward
But we will also go back in time
I wish I could tell you when it's coming out....but rest assured I am writing it as fast as I can. Remember the boy is very stubborn....

Mmmm, think that covers everything. Thank you for loving him so much x

24 October 2012

The next book...

Ok, so you may or may not know that I have been working on two other books since I finished writing I Love You to Death. Actually, both of them were started before I even finished it and both of them are probably at the same stage. One is Luke's story and the other is Jared & Mia's story. I love both of them and I want to tell both of them, but I do need to decide which one to finish first.

Well, I have decided, or rather it's been decided for me - whichever one insists on waking me up at night you see ;)

I'll let you know which one it is but first I'm being greedy...I wanna get 300 likes on my Facebook page! You know, 300, like that movie that features all the hot guys in very little clothing and awesome CGI abs...yeah that one! And in return for 300 likes, I'll not only tell you which book is coming next, I'll give you a teaser which will explain everything.

So, get on over there and "like" me :)

08 October 2012

Look what showed up at my house...

This is what was waiting for me when I got home - real life versions of my book!!! And it looks even more AMAZING in real life!! To celebrate I'm giving 4 copies away - details are on my Facebook page so jump on over there!!

29 September 2012

Q & A Time!

Not so long ago a little Book Junkie by the name of Natasha asked me if she could read an ARC of my first ever book. She was the first person who ever contacted me about it and although I was scared to death about finally getting it out there, I sent her a copy.

She loved it.


We chatted heaps and then she did this amazing interview with me. Check it out!


It's Out!!!

Ok - some huge planetary alignment with all my formatting and uploading and the eBook versions of I Love You to Death are available RIGHT NOW!!!

Here are your options:

For print versions visit Amazon

For Kindle/Kindle App visit Amazon

For all other eReaders, including Sony, Apple iPod etc, visit Smashwords

Book will also be available via Sony, B&N and Apple iBooks, will keep you all updated! as to when!

Thanks so much and happy reading! xx

28 September 2012

Almost there...

In a few more hours, well ok 36 hours I think...the book will be out and I will update this site some more! I have a heap of stuff to post, but don't want to do it yet cause it will give too much away!

Also stay tuned for an awesome and very fun Q&A about the book and writing it and the music that's all throughout it - yes there is a HUGE playlist!

Don't forget the giveaway, two Kindle versions and one signed Paperback - check out Natasha is a Booke Junkie (and she really is) Facebook page!

Nat x

25 September 2012

Giveaway time...

There's only a couple more days until it's out, but if you want to win yourself a free copy, go and check out Natasha is a book junkie's Facebook page right now!

There are 2 Kindle and 1 signed Paperback copies up for grabs... 

And while you're there be sure to "like" this awesome Facebook page and then go and follow her blog straight after that!

12 September 2012

Here it is....

The beautiful cover for my first book - created by Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations.

Released 30 September 2012.